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Dear Sgt. Shaft:

I am currently 56 and have to wait until 60 to draw my retired pay. I am drawing Social Security Disability and have Medicare. I am also married.

I have read that I may qualify for TRICARE For Life now. When I see a TRICARE representative, they tell me I do not. (TRICARE is the health care program serving uniformed service members, retirees and their families worldwide.)

Do I or do I not qualify for TRICARE For Life now based on my disability with Medicare?

Thank you,
Richard P.
USAR (retired)

Dear Richard P.:

No, you do not qualify for TRICARE For Life (TFL). To qualify for TFL you have to be TRICARE eligible. You become TRICARE eligible at age 60.

If you are still on Medicare at that time, you will be qualified and enrolled in TFL as long as you are enrolled in both Parts A and B Medicare. Your eligibility for Medicare alone does not make you TRICARE eligible.

Shaft notes

• Kudos to Valley Forge Military Academy for the announcement of a new scholarship program for the sons of disabled or deceased U.S. veterans.

Valley Forge Military Academy has partnered with NewDay USA Foundation to provide scholarships to the sons of 100 percent disabled or deceased U.S. veterans. The scholarships are need-based and will cover most of the cost of attending VFMA for new or returning students who qualify.

NewDay USA and Valley Forge Military Academy are committed to our nation’s wounded warriors and to those families of our fallen service men and women.

Many of our nation’s veterans’ families are living well below their honor and dignity, and a gift of tuition to these families from NewDay USA provides the opportunity for their sons to obtain a top-notch education at a prestigious, private military school.

These scholarships are available now, and will be applied to the applicants’ 2013-14 tuition. The admissions counselors are available to speak with prospective applicants and their families to help determine if they are eligible for this scholarship, and to assist them with the application process.

Contact the Office of Academy Admissions at 1-866-923-VFMA (8362) or academy_admissions@vfmac.edu.

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