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Prosecutors are seeking $1 million in restitution for the trees. Stanley said he wants a full hearing on the issue and called the amount excessive.

The skeletal trees were removed on April 23, days after tens of thousands of Auburn fans gathered for one final celebratory rolling following the spring game.

Auburn is planning to sell framed memorabilia featuring twigs, leaves and other parts of the oak trees, jewelry, and other items.

Updyke, meanwhile, has been a polarizing figure in a bitter college football rivalry for more than two years. Alabama has won three of the last four football national titles, while Auburn won the other one.

Stanley said Updyke’s granddaughter was born during his jail term.

“He’s looking forward to getting back to Louisiana to see his granddaughter, his daughter and be able to get back to living a normal life, which certainly hasn’t been the case since 2010,” the attorney said.

Stanley said Updyke had one request upon his release.

“He wanted a banana and he got a banana,” he said. “That’s it.”