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Mr. Crane, the president of the ICE union, said he wished the Border Patrol agents would join the fight.

“I’ve been hearing for months that the Border Patrol union is having their legitimate pay concerns held ransom for their silence on the Gang’s Bill. If that’s happening its wrong,” he said. “I wish they would come to us for help. We’ve got their backs if they need us.”

The pay dispute has been simmering for months, and agents say it represents a real threat to them.

Because of how it’s structured, the Border Patrol relies heavily on Administratively Unavoidable Overtime, and agents have come to count on it as part of their pay. But under budget pressures, Customs and Border Protection, the agency that oversees the Border Patrol, has pushed to reduce use of the overtime.

The national border patrol union says the cuts could cost a quarter of agents’ pay.