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The top frame of the ship can house a 3?-inch action figure (preferably from the Man of Steel collection, $6.99 each) in a cockpit covered in yellow, translucent plastic and can shoot an included missile from its tip.

The bottom of the ship uses a contraption to launch a 5-inch-tall version of Superman tethered to a propeller and wings. The figure’s arms are outstretched and in flight position with a soft rubber bumper held to his hands simulating his blasting his way into space.

A child attaches the Superman, rotates it onto a peg and cranks a knob unit tight. He taps a red button, and the hero should fly into the sky.

Well, he kind of flies, about 6 feet and quickly falls to the ground. Not only will the process of prepping Superman for flight confound younger children but also the end result will have them move on to another toy very quickly.

The biggest disappointment is the box dramatically lists the mini-Superman as launching up to 25 feet, but the only chance that will happen is if a child actually plays with the toy in outer space.

Shadow Assault Zod (Mattel, Ages 4 and older, $6.99) Fans of 3 3/4-inch actions figures are not forgotten in Mattel’s latest Man of Steel toy collection.

The welcomed variety (nine figure in the first wave) feature the Kryptonian hero and his archenemy each sporting different costume colors, pieces of armor, limited articulation (averaging 7 points) and accessories.

For example, the Shadow Assault Zod features the villain in black armor with a tattered, cloth cape and a two-piece rifle and blade combination that reminded me of a Gears of War weapon.

Or, Strike Shield Superman finds Kal-El in blue armor, cloth cape and with a shield and staff that can combine into a large hammer.

Other variations include Wrecking Ball Superman (in red costume), Split Cycle Superman (in movie costume) and Krypton Combat Superman (in silver armor).

Overall, the 6- to 10-year-old looking for an expanded role-playing session within the Superman mythology will have plenty to enjoy.