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Garage-door glitch: Army radio technology locks out Georgia homeowners

- The Washington Times - Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fort Gordon in Georgia is getting a new military radio upgrade — and area residents aren't happy. They report a side effect of the system upgrade is leaving them locked out of their garages.

Apparently, the military's radio system is jamming remote-control garage-door-opener signals, The Associated Press reported.

Reports of the stopped-up garages began filtering in to military personnel last week, the Augusta Chronicle reported. That's coincidentally the time that Fort Gordon started upgrading its land-to-mobile radios to a 390 megahertz bandwidth — the same frequency used by remote controllers for garage doors, AP said.

The lockout has hit nearly 500 residents, who brought their concerns to their garage-door dealer, Overhead Door Co. of Augusta.

Buz Yarnell, a spokesman for Fort Gordon, said military personnel had been planning to give the community a heads-up about the potential for signal jamming, but testing on the new radio system started earlier than planned.

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