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Mr. Conant points out that 162 of the those amendments received votes, 92 were approved. And things are getting harmonious, at least among Republicans.

“After earlier accusing the bill of being ‘secret’ and ‘rushed’, the bill’s critics have recognized that the legislation is going through a thorough and open process,” he says.

“The debate is whether or not Congress, and specifically the Democrats who control the Senate, are serious about securing our borders and following through on decades’ worth of broken promises to do so.”


“Texas is calling. Your opportunity awaits,” Texas Gov. Rick Perry advises his audience in a pair of 30-second ads now airing on a half-dozen major cable and broadcast networks in New York and Connecticut.

The ads — $1 million worth — will air for a week, heralding Mr. Perry’s four-day sales trip to the two states that begins Sunday; he’ll meet with business leaders in the firearm, pharmaceutical and financial industries. Both the ad buy and the trip are paid for by TexasOne, a public-private partnership that has marketed Texas nationally and internationally as a prime business destination.


$13.3 billion: total amount Americans will spend to celebrate Father’s Day this year; $119.84: amount the average person will spend.

$2.5 billion: total amount spent by American to take Dad on a “special outing.”

$1.8 billion: total amount spent for new clothing; $1.7 billion: total amount spent on an electronic gift.

$755 million: amount spent on home improvement items; $710 million: amount spent on sports equipment.

53 percent will buy for their father or stepfather, 29 percent will buy for their husband.

10 percent will buy for a son, 6 percent for a brother and 5 percent for a grandfather.

Source: A National Retail Federation of 5.706 U.S. adults conducted May 1-8 and released Friday.

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