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“That’s when it kind of got out of hand,” Tim Federowicz said about Greinke getting hit. “You can’t do that.”

Kennedy immediately was tossed and calmly walked toward the Diamondbacks dugout before players poured onto the field and relievers ran in from the bullpens.

“Everything happened so fast,” Mattingly said. “It just gets a little crazy out there.”

Belisario began throwing punches and a shouting Puig rushed into the melee.

“I was out of my mind just trying to protect my teammates,” Belisario said. “If you want to hit somebody, don’t hit a pitcher. Don’t hit guys in the head. That’s crazy.”

Third base umpire Larry Vanover said Puig and McGwire were ejected for “instigating,” while Belisario was deemed to be “out of control.”

“That doesn’t mean that other people won’t get fined,” Gorman said. “The league will look at video.”

Ward got slammed against a railing and was put in a headlock by Dodgers left fielder Skip Schumaker, who appeared to be trying to break up the fight as both teams kept pushing closer to the stands.

“I’ve never seen a pitcher throw at two guys’ heads before,” Schumaker said. “It’s dangerous.”

Ward seemed to getting pummeled, but Gorman said he was tossed for being aggressive in the fight.

“It’s hard not to, when they go after you,” the umpire said. “Pushing and shoving, when it gets over by the dugout in the fan’s area, it gets kind of dangerous. You have the railing there. You can’t go anywhere when you get pushed up against the railing.”

Several star players of another generation were right in the middle of it.

McGwire had Gibson’s jersey and windbreaker with both hands and was screaming at him.

“I know they’re mad. They thought we hit Puig, but certainly we didn’t,” Gibson said. “The guy hits everything out over the plate. But the ball got away from Ian and got inside. It’s as simple as that. I didn’t order anything. It’s certainly not what Ian wanted to do.”

Mattingly had to be restrained as he tried to get at Gibson, then they exchanged words briefly. McGwire and third base coach Matt Williams grabbed each other’s shirts in a tense standoff and shouted at each other.

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