Chris Matthews likens Ted Cruz to Nazi sympathizer Father Coughlin

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MSNBC host Chris Matthews has once again railed against Sen. Ted Cruz, this time likening him to the notorious Nazi sympathizer, Father Coughlin, Mediaite first reported Wednesday.

“In 2010, when [Cruz] said that Obama would make a perfect president of Harvard Law School because, quote, ‘There were fewer declared Republicans in the faculty when we were there than communists,’” Matthews reported. “I’m assuming, of course, that the communists would vote for the president.”

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“This guy goes pretty far, but I think he fits in the tradition of Father Coughlin, and [Joe] McCarthy, and of course, maybe to a lesser extent, Pat Buchanan, and of course [Bill] O’Reilly,” Matthews told James Carville.

“These guys are hard right-wing guys. They look a lot alike. They have what we call a black-Irish look to them. They don’t smile much,” he added.

During a speech in the Bronx in 1938, Father Coughlin, who hosted an anti-Semitic radio show, shocked the nation by giving a Nazi salute and exclaiming, “When we get through with the Jews in America, they’ll think the treatment they received in Germany was nothing,” Mediaite reported.

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