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“Does anyone doubt that if an identical scandal had erupted during the George W. Bush years, the networks would have essentially walked away after just a couple of weeks of heavy coverage?” he asks.


Even Fox News deems this “a rare studio appearance.” Former Vice President Dick Cheney joins “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace for a live interview. On Sunday, of course.

Mr. Cheney, a onetime “architect” of the National Security Agency surveillance program, “will speak out for the first time on the current state of affairs,” the network says, along with the targeting of conservative groups by the IRS, the Benghazi terrorist attacks and controversial Justice Department investigations.


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90 percent of Americans say they have less privacy than previous generations.

85 percent say it’s likely their phone and Internet records are available without their consent to government, businesses and organizational sources.

79 percent believe the IRS scrutinized political groups in previous administrations.

66 percent say they have little or no control over the use of that information.

59 percent say they would not be able to correct or remove such information.

57 percent are most concerned about their identity being stolen.

Source: An Allstate/National Journal Heartland poll of 1,000 U.S. adults conducted May 29-June 2 and released Thursday.

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