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Bull’s-eye: Internet-enabled ‘smart rifle’ helps shooting accuracy

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Want to be a crack sniper without years of exacting training and share video of your expertise over social media?

Well, now you can — for $22,000.

That’s the price tag for the XactSystem, a so-called “smart rifle” with a computerized telescopic scope that helps the shooter aim and fire, and streams live video of the shot to a nearby wireless device for uploading to the Internet.

The XactSystem’s manufacturer, Austin, Texas-based Tracking Point, says the gun is accurate up to 1,200 yards.


The company’s Networked Tracking Scope is the heart of the smart rifle.

Rather than a telescopic sight, it features sophisticated color graphics on a display, like the “heads up display” in a jet fighter.

The scope lets the shooter designate a target with a small button near the trigger, then locks on it.

Once the target is locked, the shooter can pull the trigger, but the gun will not fire until it is aimed exactly right -- a tiny ballistics computer in the scope calculates the effects of variables like the wind, range and barrel shake.

The scope also has a built-in laser range finder and a Wi-Fi transmitter to stream live video and audio to a nearby mobile device, from where it can be uploaded to social media sites or the Internet.

The company says the rifle is “the world’s first precision-guided firearm.”


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