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The gun company CEO opposed the Manchin-Toomey proposal in the Senate to expand background checks to private exchanges. The measure fell six votes short of passage in April, but Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said he wanted to bring it back up for a vote this year.

To add pressure on senators who voted against it to change their votes, New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg has been spending millions of dollars on ads against Republican Sens. Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire and Jeff Flake of Arizona, as well as Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor of Arkansas.

On Friday, Mr. Bloomberg’s group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, is launching a six-month national bus tour from Newtown to protest in the states of those lawmakers who voted against the amendments.

“I’m clearly for preventing criminals and the mentally ill from getting firearms. I’m not against well-written background checks, but the devil is in the details,” Mr. Kollitides said. “No matter how well intended, if legislators get the details wrong, we will end up with a backdoor registration, which is where some of the recently defeated federal legislation was taking background checks.”

To reduce gun violence, Mr. Kollitides echoed the comments of most gun-rights groups and lawmakers on what has been proven effective. “The key is to prevent criminals and the mentally ill from getting firearms, and, when they do, punish them to the maximum extent of the law,” he said, referring to the low number of prosecutions for firearms violations by the Obama administration.

“A better mental health system. Accountability of neighbors and parents. I have three young kids; at the end of the day, I am a huge proponent of armed guards in schools.”

With all the negative publicity that Bushmaster has gotten, has he ever considered changing the name?

Not at all, he said: “We want to make sure we make a quality product, a safe product, it doesn’t misfire, it doesn’t fall apart.”

“However, it’s inherently a dangerous product. When you load it, unsafe it, point and pull the trigger, it’s going to have a devastating affect on anything in its path. That’s why we need to emphasize safety, accountability and responsibility.”

Emily Miller is a columnist for The Washington Times.