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Even Robert Griffin III invested six sentences of his weekly press gathering answering a question about The Quarterback’s job prospects.

President Obama seemed to be the only person who didn’t weigh in on the NFL’s traveling circus.

“There’s a saturation effect, in a way,” End said. “When the lead story is ‘Tebow signs with a team’ instead of the NBA Finals, people are going to say, ‘I hate this Tebow guy, taking away from the limelight our teams deserve.’ … If it seems like every third day something that scrolls across the bottom of your ESPN channel is Tebow, you could see how that’d get annoying.”

Added Hirt: “He’s polarizing, too. There’s people who think he’s goody-goody, not that talented, who find that religion thing a turnoff, who don’t like that he gets so much attention and isn’t so good.”

The backlash resembled a hurricane, as out of proportion to The Quarterback’s perceived flaws as the incessant adulation is to his strengths.

He’s a third-string quarterback with a Heisman Trophy who transcended his ability and, for better or worse, the game he plays.

“We’re very select processors of information,” Hirt said. “There’s people whose whole career have been made by a few moments. … It’ll be interesting to see how long this can last.”