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THE ENLIGHENING POP: While decrying the lack of job security in the coaching profession these days, Popovich let everyone know why he thought the Spurs were so successful.

“The continuity I think breeds, it breeds trust, it breeds camaraderie, it breeds a feeling of responsibility that each member holds towards the other,” he said. “The ability to be excited for each other’s success, not to develop territory and walls, but to stay participatory. To be able to discuss, to argue and come out at the end on the same page with the same passion and the same goals.

“And I think without continuity that’s pretty impossible, because all the immediate tendencies of instant success starts to take over and that just breeds failure.”


THE FUNNY POP: Popovich was asked to compare Green to former standout Bruce Bowen after Game 5.

“I guess they both are similar in the fact that neither one of them has any moves,” he said. “They just shoot it. They don’t really dribble or do anything else.”


THE PHLEGMATIC POP: On why he switched which end of the court his offense started at on the road this season: “I was bored.”


THE UNSYMPATHETIC POP: It is well known that Popovich rode Parker hard when he first came to the NBA from France as a 19-year-old point guard. That subject came up after Parker led the Spurs to a win in Game 1.

“Are you related to Tony? Are you concerned I treated him badly? You seem very concerned about Tony’s treatment,” Popovich said. “Tony makes $900 million a year. … He’s fine.”


THE STUBBORN POP: No matter how many ways it has been asked, Popovich won’t concede to the success the Spurs have had in making things difficult for James. Is that maybe because he doesn’t want to make James angry?

“You’re digging really deep,” Popovich said. “You must need to write an article by 4 o’clock today or something.”


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