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Independent media maven Glenn Beck is flexing his muscles. Mercury Radio Arts — parent company of TheBlaze, Mr. Beck’s news, opinion and entertainment network — has purchased the sizable Texas studio it has been renting since last year. The 72,000-square-foot Studios at Las Colinas in Irving is the proverbial big deal, containing three soundstages that once served as backdrop for such films as “RoboCop” and the TV series “Walker, Texas Ranger.” These days, Mr. Beck’s hybrid news organization produces 43 hours of original live programming a week, with more planned.

“We are building a world-class facility,” he says, “so that American stories can be told to viewers across the country.”


“In an age which is, perhaps, more shaped and informed by political identity than any other in our history, having a word in our banner that is so associated with a political party is no longer a very astute business decision.”

And so says an editorial in the newly minted Fauquier Times, explaining why management opted to drop “Democrat” from its name. The Virginia newspaper had been either the Fauquier Democrat or the Fauquier Times-Democrat for the past 108 years. The last presidential candidate the publication endorsed was, incidentally, Sen. John McCain.

“We ran the idea of amending the name past two focus groups of engaged Fauquier residents two weeks ago, about 20 of the county’s leading lights whom we asked to meet with us to help with the paper’s redesign, a project that encompasses both content and aesthetics. They were of one mind — that the effect of the name change, if it has an effect at all, will be positive,” the newspaper noted.


61 percent of U.S. voters say they are pet owners, as are 65 percent of Republicans and 63 percent of Democrats.

52 percent of voters overall prefer dogs; 61 percent of Republicans and 47 percent of Democrats agree.

37 percent overall say a dog would make a better “president of the U.S.” than a cat; 46 percent of Republicans and 29 percent of Democrats agree.

21 percent overall prefer cats; 20 percent of Republicans and 26 percent of Democrats agree.

19 percent say a cat would be a better president; 15 percent of Republicans and 26 percent of Democrats agree.

18 percent overall say the Loch Ness monster is real; 18 percent of Republicans and 27 percent of Democrats agree.

Source: A Public Policy Polling survey of 603 registered U.S. voters conducted June 11-13.

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