- The Washington Times - Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The 40th president’s iconic 1987 speech at the Berlin Wall is “a moment that sums up for me a great deal of what I so loved and admired about Ronald Reagan,” the text’s author, Peter M. Robinson, told The Washington Times on the 20th anniversary of the speech. 

“Ronald Reagan now belongs to history,” Mr. Robinson told The Washington Times. “We can take pride in him as an inspiration to us all, but we ought not to tie ourselves in knots searching for another like him.”

The 20th anniversary six years ago was an opportunity “to recognize the magnitude of the American accomplishment in the Cold War,” Mr. Robinson said.

“It was one of the great conflicts in all human history,” he said. “It lasted more than four decades, it reached to virtually every corner of the globe.”

“And we won,” Mr. Robinson said. “The Cold War did not just end — we won.”




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