- - Sunday, June 2, 2013


It is inevitable that we all make excuses. The biggest problem with excuses is that we use them to pass the blame to anyone but ourselves.

“It wasn’t me.”

“I didn’t see the stop sign.”

“I didn’t grow up with a father.”

On and on and on.

The differences between people who succeed and those who fail is that losers look for excuses and winners look for reasons. I know some are wondering what the difference is.

Seeking the reasons for your failure means you look at how something went wrong and, most important, what you yourself did wrong. You then learn from that mistake and try not to repeat it the next time.

Then you project that idea out to others. What are the unsuccessful people doing over and over that I can avoid? What are the prosperous people doing that I can emulate?

It seems so simple, but over and over again I hear excuses coming from many in the black community.

“I can’t succeed because of a legacy of slavery and Jim Crow.”

“The system is keeping me down.”

“Selling drugs is the only way I can pay for my family.”

On and on and on.

I am a critic of our president, mainly because we differ greatly on political ideology, but I must give him all due respect for the recent commencement speech he gave at Morehouse College. He laid it bare and told the students of the historically black all-male school that there are no more excuses.

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