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Perhaps that was why Mr. Rodriguez told the news service, “This is now a Christian issue. It’s not a political issue.”

Despite what actually may be a fear of diminishing congregations — and contributions — Mr. Rodriguez is wrong to say that this not a political issue. The sovereignty of the United States of America always will be a political issue.

It also may be a financial issue. Evangelical leaders know that losing immigrant members means losing contributions, and the long-term impact of that could be devastating.

Mr. Rodriguez failed to practice what he preached and made immigration reform a political issue in a recent Fox News op-ed that admonished Republicans that they would lose Hispanic voter support if the party did not support reform.

Mr. Rodriguez may not be completely wrong, however, in contending that immigration is also a Christian issue. Christians who support immigration reform because they truly believe it is what their faith dictates are well within their right to feel that way. Their faith and their view should be respected. However, journalists who rely on the Evangelical Immigration Table or the National Association of Evangelicals to represent the voice of conservative evangelicals on the issue of immigration should be aware of the leftist political positions with which these organizations are now aligned.

Jeffrey Scott Shapiro is an investigative journalist and former prosecutor in Washington, D.C.