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“There’s a lot of guys that don’t have any experience,” McDowell said. “And because of that, when you have heavy rains and lots of mist and lots of spray coming off the cars and you barrel down into Turn 5 and all the guy sees is a red light, we’re going to have a caution every couple of laps.”

Said Nationwide series points leader Regan Smith: “I think, at this point, I’d prefer that it stays dry and don’t worry about it. It’s tough enough learning a new race track.”

Piquet wouldn’t mind rain, but knows he’ll have a tough time repeating his victory either way.

After spending most of his career in open-wheel road racing _ including a stint in Formula One, which ended in scandal after he deliberately crashed in a race to help his teammate, allegedly because he was ordered to do so by his team _ Piquet decided to try stock car racing.

Beyond his Road America Nationwide win last year, he also had a successful 2012 in the Trucks Series, winning twice and finishing seventh in the points.

To help him take the next step, Piquet hopes his team can get its chemistry issues sorted out.

“It’s frustrating, because we know we have a car that can be running constantly, let’s say, in the top 10 _ but we’re struggling to get close to the top 10,” Piquet said. “(I’m) trying to give my best, and obviously I’m pushing the team as much as I can for them to get these issues sorted and try to get better.”