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Todd regained his confidence by working with Bill McInerney, a golf performance coach who runs MyGolfingGoals Academy in Boston. McInerney emphasized the importance of goal-oriented practice. They differentiated between practicing swing mechanics and training for competitive situations.

They also generated a list of long-term improvements needed to establish staying power on the PGA Tour. McInerney worked with Todd on tightening his ball flight and working the ball comfortably in one direction. He had Todd roll shots on the green more instead of always playing a lob wedge that checks.

“I think he’s in a really good place mentally,” McInerney said. “He’s very good now. If he loses it out there, he’s good at understanding why he’s lost it and how to get it back quicker.”

McInerney traveled to events more often last season as Todd tried to rediscover his game. Now, Todd often works on-site with swing coach Scott Hamilton while he exchanges emails with McInerney. They rate his game and establish a plan for the coming week.

Although Todd doesn’t always know where he’ll spend that week, he is confident of his destination.

“Now we’re just fine-tuning,” he said. “Now I know I can go out and compete. I know I’m going to go out and play well this week.”