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The irony is that the pressure to outlaw or control the sale of firearms, it just accelerates sales. It’s like pouring gas on a fire.” The number of FBI background checks were up 27 percent in March, leading to the Senate vote the next month on Mr. Obama’s gun-control agenda. The national instant criminal-background checks were up 20 percent in April.

Liberals love to raise taxes to push their social agenda, whether to push us out of our cars, stop us from smoking, force us to eat low-fat foods or curtail our drinking of alcohol.

In their worldview, individuals are not capable of being responsible for their own health and well-being, so they need the nanny state to enforce proper behavior via their pocketbooks. However, unlike cigarettes and martinis, guns are guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.

The House should pass the Graves bill quickly to show the states that their gun-grabbing scam will misfire.

Emily Miller is a senior editor of opinion for The Washington Times.