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If we were able to dispatch an unarmed drone over Benghazi to relay video so we could watch the terrorist attack, why were we not able to dispatch armed drones to counterattack the terrorists?

Where exactly was the commander in chief throughout the roughly eight-hour attack on Americans in Benghazi, what exactly was he doing, and why does this remain such a big secret?

It is highly likely that much of what is being kept from the American people could be declassified without any harm whatsoever to national security — although very likely with huge harm to some political careers and perhaps some military careers.

To date, Congress’ halfhearted public investigation into Benghazi has centered on matters of lesser substance such as the “talking points” shenanigans and the obvious shortcomings of the let’s-investigate-ourselves Accountability Review Board process.

The American people remain completely in the dark about the far more substantive questions surrounding this horrible scandal, in which Americans who had pleaded for adequate protection came under deadly attack from terrorists and were so disgracefully abandoned.

Mr. Obama ducks disturbing questions about Benghazi by dismissing raising them as “a sideshow.”

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid accuses anyone asking Benghazi questions of “hyperventilating.”

House Speaker John A. Boehner claims he wants to get to the bottom of Benghazi — yet single-handedly blocks what he and everyone else in Washington has to know is the best way to get to the truth: creating a select committee to investigate the Benghazi attack, a proposal introduced almost seven months ago by Rep. Frank R. Wolf, Virginia Republican.

Mr. Wolf had the wisdom and courage many months ago to propose what’s best for the country and he had more than two-thirds of House Republicans co-sponsoring his select committee proposal. However, with Mr. Boehner making the Obama administration’s cover-up a bipartisan endeavor — perhaps inadvertently, perhaps not — the American people may never learn the full truth about Benghazi.

Not unless we very soon begin loudly and relentlessly insisting on it.

Fred J. Eckert served as a U.S. ambassador under President Reagan and is a former Republican member of the House of Representatives from New York.