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Patricia Heaton blasts ‘UK’s Finest Socialists’ after son’s ‘World War Z’ ticket snub

- The Washington Times - Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Patricia Heaton took to Twitter Wednesday afternoon to voice her displeasure with "UK's Finest Socialists" after a movie theater refused to let her son buy a ticket for "World War Z."

"What's happening to England? #VueCinema won't let us into World War Z because our son is 14! UK govt takes over parenting -idiot bureaucracy," the "Everybody Loves Raymond" star said.

Brad Pitt's apocalyptic film received a 15 age rating in the U.K., which means no one under 15 is permitted to purchase a cinema ticket or DVD, regardless of a guardian's presence.

"UK's Finest Socialists: Vue movie theater/mid afternoon completely empty, won't let us take our 14yr old to WorldWarZ," the conservative actress added.

"UK Socialism: No more floats in local village feast 'cuz they were forced to take out insurance- floats moved at 1/2 mile/hr!" Mrs. Heaton later tweeted. It is unknown what event she was referring to.

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