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Meanwhile, reports continued to show that al Qaeda terrorists are moving into Benghazi.

Al Chalabi was not one of the six people whose photos were posted on the FBI’s web site last month as part of its Benghazi probe.

The FBI posted surveillance video images of six men it suspects in the attacks on the diplomatic compound.

The Associated Press reported that the U.S. government has enough evidence to justify seizing the men as suspected terrorists linked to the attack, including the use of military force.

However, the news agency said the authorities do not have enough evidence to use in a criminal prosecution in a U.S. court.

The suspects remain at large.

The FBI had identified several people it believes were involved in both the planning and the actual attack.

U.S. officials attribute the lack of a central government and the proliferation of militias throughout Libya for the difficulties the bureau is having with its investigation.

The Facebook page of the pro-government Command Council of 17 February Revolution posted an Arabic-language statement that said al Qaeda is infiltrating into Benghazi.

“May God protect us from the evil of this night,” the statement said. “Individuals of different nationalities from the al Qaeda Organization entered Benghazi. Sufyan Qumu leads them. It is worth noting that Sufyan Qumu is responsible for their training and for providing them with weapons in the mountains of the city of Darnah. Most militants are from Egypt, Tunisia, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Algeria.”