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Alec Baldwin on Twitter rant as wife accused of tweeting at Gandolfini funeral

Alec Baldwin’s wife Hilaria was accused of sending out live tweets during “Sopranos” star James Gandolfini’s funeral on Thursday morning — and Mr. Baldwin, known for explosive outbursts that make national headlines, didn’t disappoint.

He sent out an expletive-laced Twitter rant against the media outlet that reported his wife’s alleged social faux pas, The Huffington Post reported.

Gay couples can immigrate under DOMA ruling

The Supreme Court’s ruling that the federal Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional should immediately open up immigration benefits to same-sex partners in states where their unions are recognized as marriages.

The 5-4 decision ruled that federal benefits pertaining to marriage couples cannot be denied to same-sex couples who are married, and that states can recognize those marriages. The issue at hand was an inheritance case, but analysts said the ruling signals the same principle applies to all federal benefits such as Social Security and taxes.

MILLER: New taxes penalize gun owners, threaten Second Amendment

Liberals are trying every tool at their disposal this year to go after guns. They have failed on Capitol Hill to restrict the Second Amendment, so they are moving through the states to enact their agenda.

The latest maneuver is to hike the tax on guns and ammunition to dissuade the law-abiding from buying firearms. It’s the perfect storm of liberalism — more revenue for a bigger government and fewer people keeping and bearing arms.

senate/” target=”_blank”>Immigration bill clears Senate, faces uncertain future in House; historic day for immigrants

Vowing that they have learned the lessons from the 1986 amnesty, the Senate on Thursday approved the biggest changes to the immigration system in a generation, promising this version will prevent another wave of illegal immigrants while granting a pathway to citizenship to most of the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants already in the country.

Busted: Teen witness in George Zimmerman trial can’t read own letter

A teenage girl who was called to testify in the prosecution of George Zimmerman for second-degree murder was caught in a curious predicament Thursday after it became evident she couldn’t read from the very letter she claimed to have written to the mother of her friend Trayvon Martin.

In court, Rachel Jeantel was trying to read from what she said was a letter she sent to Martin’s mother describing the last few moments of his life, which she claimed she heard on the phone. But she stumbled badly, ABC reported.

Mr. Zimmerman’s defense attorney, Don West, finally asked, “Are you able to read that at all?”

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