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After all, we do not allow people to have two spouses at the same time, do we? There is no reason to think that maintaining a foreign citizenship somehow strengthens anyone’s loyalty to the United States.

Immigration reform is under way in Congress. Congressional action will be an insult to the slain and the maimed in Boston unless it concentrates first on drastically tightening our legal immigration and naturalization laws. The debate over how to legalize millions of illegal immigrants should be a secondary issue. In fact, until our legal immigration system is made respectable again, no one will respect it, and illegal immigration will be an ongoing consequence.

As for reforming naturalization law, Congress can start by explicitly proscribing dual citizenship. The law should require complete renunciation of foreign citizenship before U.S. citizenship is granted. Any naturalized citizen carrying a foreign passport should lose his U.S. citizenship — no ifs, ands or buts.

However, do not expect such a common-sense policy from this Congress or this White House. Our government cares more about pandering to foreigners than about protecting Americans from barbarians who come here to kill us.

Ian de Silva is an engineer who has interests in politics and history.