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“Rhode Island hosts SNAP-themed bingo games for the elderly,” The Washington Post reports. “Alabama hands out fliers that read: ‘Be a patriot. Bring your food-stamp money home.’ Three states in the Midwest throw food-stamp parties, where new recipients sign up en masse.”

Small wonder that food-stamp enrollment has doubled under this administration. Deliberately encouraging dependency is a far cry from providing temporary help to the truly needy.

Plus, there’s another benefit, from a legislative perspective. It’s easier to hide pork-barrel spending in a large bill. Better to sneak in money for a special-interest project when it’s embedded in a bill few people are likely to read, including lawmakers.

Will we finally shoo the rich and famous away from the federal trough, and make other changes to our nation’s outdated farm policy? Or will we bring another bumper crop of subsidies to market?

Ed Feulner is founder of the Heritage Foundation (