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The Aug. 24, 2012, NSA report, “Mitigations Guidance for Distributed Denial of Service Attacks,” also warns that the widespread use of the Internet means increased risk of “malicious traffic and the potential for DDoS attack.”

To deal with the threat, the NSA urges proactive and reactive steps to protect networks in the event and aftermath of an attack.

They include establishing links with multiple Internet providers for redundancy; rotating IP addresses; designing networks with redundant systems and excess computing capacity; limiting traffic at network perimeters, and setting up remote back-up systems.

“DDoS attacks are often used as a diversion for other more targeted attacks,” the report, labeled “For Official Use Only,” states.

“Victims of DDoS attacks should conduct thorough reviews of their network infrastructure following an attack to ensure no additional malicious activity was conducted during or subsequent to a DDoS.”

The document was posted recently on the website

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