Pro-2nd Amendment demonstrators bring their guns to Wash. state Capitol

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Nearly 200 protesters — many of whom carried and brandished guns — turned out for a rally on the grounds of the Washington state Capitol in support of Second Amendment rights.

The weekend gathering proved shocking to some. Raw Story reports that while the state has an open carry law — and protesters weren’t violating any regulation — displays of such magnitude are rare.

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“Usually, we’re up here debating issues,” said lobbyist Jim Richards in the Raw Story report. “To see people walking through with guns is a bit odd.”

State lawmakers are considering 30 different gun-related bills, many of which are seen as threatening to Second Amendment freedom. One bill expands background checks for buyers; one gives city governments more jurisdiction over guns in parks; yet one more bans firearms from all school facilities, Raw Story reports. The weekend Firearm Freedom Rally was aimed at letting legislators know state residents are concerned — and serious about protecting their rights to bear arms.

“If they don’t stand up for their rights, they’re going to lose them,” one protester said, explaining the need for the rally, in the Raw Story report.

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