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Rep. Jan Schakowsky: More crackdowns coming, as ‘I’m against handguns’

- The Washington Times - Monday, March 11, 2013

Rep. Jan Schakowsky said at a women's rights rally that a Democratic-backed push to ban so-called assault weapons and to mandate background checks for private gun sales were just the beginning of a larger agenda to clamp down on Second Amendment rights.

Breitbart reported a videotaped exchange between Ms. Schakowsky and a reporter. She called the current political climate on gun control "a moment of opportunity," and said politicos "want everything on the table."

Ms. Schakowsky also said "we're on a roll now, and I think we've got to take the — you know, we're gonna push as hard as we can and as far as we can."

The reporter asked if the proposed assault weapons ban was the beginning of something larger, Breitbart reported.

"Oh, absolutely," Ms. Schakowsky said, in Breitbart. "I mean, I'm against handguns. We have, in Illinois, the Council Against Handgun. ... Yeah, I'm a member of that."

Ms. Schakowsky also claimed a handgun ban was a possibility, despite the guarantees of the Second Amendment.

"I don't know. I don't know that we can't," she said, suggesting community laws may one day usurp constitutional law, Breitbart reported.

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