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Four years later came the Butler-VCU national semifinal. That season, Duke, Ohio State, Pittsburgh and Kansas were the top four teams in the fourth poll, and none strayed very far from there on the way to the No. 1 seeds.

They didn’t stick around very long in the tourney, though. One lost in its second game; two others were knocked out in the round of 16. Four double-digit seeds made the round of 16, and no top-two seeds reached the Final Four.

For all the talk about the opportunity for teams from outside the power conferences to make a run this year, many of the schools being mentioned for top seeds are established winners: Duke, Indiana, Georgetown, Louisville, Kansas.

And while the executives at CBS and Turner who televise the tournament love those buzzer-beaters that spring major upsets, they wouldn’t mind a few big names hanging around, too.

“Brands do matter,” Turner Sports chief David Levy said. “It always good to have powerhouse brands that are in the tournament and that get themselves deep into the tournament.”

The tournaments that inspire the most buzz seem to star both David and Goliath, CBS Sports Chairman Sean McManus said. The 2010 Duke-Butler title game was the classic example of that.

“It’s a combination of the big national traditional powers,” McManus said, “and the Cinderella stories.”