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“We are in the business of storytelling,” Garkinos adds, and where better to do that than TV? They definitely seem like natural showmen _ outgoing, sometimes snarky, with fabulous wardrobes.

Actually, though, they were at first turned off by the idea of a reality show.

“We didn’t want it to be a show that makes you dumber,” says Silver, who went on a bit of a rant about entertainment that caters to the lowest common denominator. However, he and Garkinos believe they have enough credibility to be the kind of TV that can teach a broader audience to appreciate fashion as an art.

How about the name of the show?

“Melrose” is the famous shopping street where Decades is located, and “Dukes” came about because Silver is known as “the king of vintage” and Garkinos as “the king of consignment.”




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