HARRIS: Love him or hate him, DeAngelo Hall not done in NFL

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Some Virginia Tech fans were thrilled when Hall left school early to head to the NFL. Some were disappointed. Redskins fans, no doubt, are also split on the Hall news.

“He’s a talker. I like that about him,” Ward said. “Sometimes, though, instead of letting that getting into his opponents’ head, he lets that get to him.”

Here’s a message for Hall’s next employer: People at Tech talked to him about toning it down, people with the Redskins talked to him about toning it down. You will talk to him about toning it down.

He won’t. Frankly, he shouldn’t.

Yes, he can aggravate even his most loyal supporters. But that emotion is what makes Hall Hall. If he scales back, you’ll get a few less penalties. You’ll get fewer big plays, too. Hall needs that emotion to play the way he does. It has its reward and it has a price. His next team should be ready to accept that going in because it isn’t going to change. You take on the good with the bad when you take on Hall.

There will be another employer, maybe even the Redskins if the market is soft and they can work out an acceptable deal. Hall played at Tech when he was only 17. Despite a nine-year NFL career, he won’t be 30 until November. He might not make as much money as he was due to make in 2013 (about $8 million). Someone will sign him.

“We get opportunities to watch NFL games,” said Ward, whose boss is former Redskins coach Steve Spurrier. “I thought DeAngelo played well last season. That’s why I think he can still play in that league. He’s done a good job taking care of his body. He’s not done.”

Good. That means the fun isn’t done.

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