- The Washington Times - Thursday, March 14, 2013

Rep. Alan Grayson, Florida Democrat, is back in the news. This time, his statements focus on Rep. Paul Ryan and the Wisconsin legislator’s budget plan to cut expenses and balance federal finances within a decade.

Human Events reports: “In one case after another, you look at his principles, you look at his vision, and they’re a nightmare for American,” Mr. Grayson said, on Wednesday. “He wants Americans to work until they die, he wants poor people who get sick not be able to see a doctor, not to get the care they need, not to get better. He wants them to die, and he wants an America that consists of nothing but cheap labor for his corporate patrons.”

This is not the first condemnation of Republicans or of conservative politics issued by Mr. Grayson.

Mother Jones lists in a 2010 edition six of his “most outrageous quotes.” One reads: “The Republican health care plan for America: Don’t get sick. That’s right, don’t get sick.”

Another: “I have trouble listening to what [Dick Cheney] says sometimes, because of the blood that drips from his teeth while he’s talking.”

And one more: “Rush Limbaugh is a has-been hypocrite loser who craves attention.”



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