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Instead she has faced judges who have sentenced her to rehab and counseling, which even her current attorney acknowledges have not completely helped the troubled actress.

Lohan entered Monday’s hearing with a lawyer whose competence has been questioned by a judge. At one point during the proceedings, she told an incessant Heller not to “say anything else.” Lohan and Heller were joined by Long Beach-based attorney Anthony J. Falangetti.

Lohan’s longtime advocate, Shawn Holley, left the case earlier this year after keeping the actress out of jail for significant periods of time on probation violations and the allegation in 2011 that she took a $2,500 necklace without permission from an upscale jeweler.

After Lohan left the courthouse, her father, Michael Lohan, who brought his own legal team to the proceedings, confronted Heller and Falangetti.

Michael Lohan told reporters that Heller was being investigated for witness tampering in the case and was not being paid by his daughter. Instead, Lohan said the attorney took the case to gain media attention. Heller did not respond to the claim by Lohan at the courthouse. A call to his New York office was not immediately returned.

“Go home,” Michael Lohan called out to him. “You have done enough damage. Leave my daughter alone and stay out of the press. You’re a parasite.”

Lohan, who’s had a strained relationship with his daughter over the years, was restrained by his attorney and separated from Heller and Falangetti by a sheriff’s deputy.

Heller “is her official representative,” Falangetti told Lohan. “You are not.”

Lindsay Lohan has been a courthouse mainstay since 2010 when she failed to appear for a probation hearing because she claimed she lost her passport in France.

By that point, she had already been on probation for nearly three years on the pair of driving under the influence cases that took the former Disney star five years to resolve.

Lohan has been under some form of probation since her 2007 convictions and has been repeatedly sent to jail and rehab for violations ranging from failing to perform her community service to skipping counseling sessions.

All her jail stints have been short because she has only been convicted of misdemeanors and because of jail overcrowding.

Out of court, Lohan has struggled to regain her stature in Hollywood. She missed the premiere of “Machete” in 2010 because of her court troubles, and her acting return in 2012’s “Liz & Dick” was widely panned by critics and viewers.

Her next project is “The Canyons,” a film by Bret Easton Ellis that also features porn star James Deen.

Lohan relocated to New York after work on the movie was complete, but her return to her childhood home has had its share of drama. She has been arrested twice, though not charged, for late-night incidents in which she has been accused of hitting a man with her car and striking a woman at a Manhattan nightclub.

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