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“This week is no different than the last 11 months,” he said, referencing the salary cap penalty that was levied a year ago. “But we’ll manage.”

The club will try to do so by continuing to draft well.

The Redskins won six games in Shanahan’s first year, carnage from a full-scale roster overhaul. Their five-win season in 2011 highlighted their need for a quarterback.

Washington the last two offseasons signed several free agents who have made major contributions, but the wins finally followed after several quality draft picks. Last year’s aggressive trade to position themselves to draft quarterback Robert Griffin III and the sixth-round selection of running back Alfred Morris stand out.

“The biggest thing was they hired Mike Shanahan,” Reid said. “That’s a pretty good get, right there — a Hall of Fame coach. The second biggest thing was getting RG3 there. That made a difference. And the runner is not too bad, either. That was a pretty good pick.”

The Redskins, then, believe they can sustain several components of the winning formula even if impactful free agent signings must be postponed to next year.

A good draft is imperative.

“There are going to be great opportunities,” Allen said. “If we get a few breaks and do our work, we’ll find some players who are going to help us.”