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Like Bennett, Turgeon is well paid. He’s making just shy of $2 million this year. He’s not getting that kind of coin to become an NIT regular. He’s on an upward swing, which is good. He needs to keep moving in that direction.

It’s not a totally fair world Bennett and Turgeon live in but it is the world of big-money, high-profile NCAA basketball schools. Don’t talk to us about your NIT record. Make the real tournament, more often than not.

Jeff Jones, by contrast, isn’t in that world anymore. He’s the last coach to take U.Va. very far in the NCAAs, going to the Elite Eight in 1995. He’s been at American for 12 years now and has made the NCAA field just twice. He could probably stay there for life if he chooses. His program is clean, his teams are competitive and now and then they get in the (real) tournament. He also makes about 20 percent of what Bennett and Turgeon make.

Big money brings big expectations. The NIT happens every once in a while. It should never become a habit.