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The Rock (thrilled): The Miami Hurricanes! Exactly. We’re doing amazing, I’m very, very proud of my team.”

Rupal (now thrilled as well): And have you filled out your bracket form yet?”

The Rock: “I have not, no.”

Rupal: “Do you know who’s going to be in your Final Four?”

The Rock (even more thrilled): “I can tell you who’s going to be my No. 1!”

Rupal, on the other hand, has yet to pick a team. Or get more excited.

“Don’t really know much about it, I’m afraid,” she said. “But it sounds like fun “



Not everybody on the other side of the Atlantic, of course, is still learning the game. This is the story of one guy who apparently learned too much for his own good.

His name is Laurent Sciarra, and he’s a former French national team player who now coaches Rouen in France’s second division. With the clock running down and his team tied at 84 with Boulogne Sur Mer in a recent game, watch what he tries to get away with at around the 30-second mark here:


That’s right. He tries to steal the ball from a Boulogne player, but gets caught and whistled for a technical foul. The two resulting free throws cost Rouen the game. But the best part is how Sciarra, like some pro wrestler, denies the whole thing and then fakes outrage the refs would dare accuse him of something so silly.

Which raises the question: Where is The Rock when you really need him?


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