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If you’re dreading to see whether some of teams show up for the tournament dressed in the same Phyllis Diller-inspired uniforms they trotted out in the regular season, relax. It can’t get much worse than this:

Now, if you dare, go back and read the second commenter.



For some reason, the idea that Hugh Hefner would be padding around the Playboy mansion in LA late at night, keeping track of the progress of his beloved Illini (Class of `49), seemed reassuring. So we asked AP Business Writer Christina Rexrode to investigate.

She couldn’t get past CEO Scott Flanders, but he was thrilled to talk about the tournament. Flanders grew up Indianapolis, went to Colorado for his undergrad degree, then moved back home for law school at Indiana. So he’s got two very promising rooting interests to keep track of in the tournament and almost as good, hated rival Kentucky is nowhere to be found.

“If Kentucky played the Russians, I d be for the Russians. And for them not to make it after winning last year,” he savored the moment, “is delicious.”

Great. But what about Hef?

“He is not a big sports fan. I would say he likes what the girls like. He watches a lot of popular TV, like `Dancing with the Stars,’ and his real passion is vintage movies,” Flanders said. “Now he s married and he watches what Crystal likes to watch.”


So Rexrode asked Flanders whether he’d don one of the founder’s trademark smoking jackets and surround himself with bunnies because … well, just because he can.

“There s only one playboy at Playboy, and that s Hef.’ he laughed. “I ve gotten a few smoking jackets as gag gifts from people, but no.”

No playmates, either?

“Hef s job,” Flanders replied. “He still picks every playmate, every month.”

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