BracketRacket: ‘I thought it’s for takeout orders’

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Nothing indecisive about the result later that night, though. James leads the Heat back from 27 down in the third quarter to win and extend their streak to 24 straight. The real highlight, though, comes, when a young man runs onto the floor mid-game wearing a T-shirt that read: “We Miss You, 2014 Come Back” (watch it here:

As security hauled him away, James patted the guy on the head.

“There are metal detectors here, so we were OK,” James said. “I embraced it.”

No word yet on who the kid was picking.



Neil Cavuto is a serious news guy. He said so himself a half-dozen times in his “Common Sense” segment Wednesday on Fox. But even he couldn’t resist trying to glom onto the coattails of the NCAAs at this time of year.

In his opening segment, the anchor decided to chide President Obama for failing to submit a budget on time. But how to tie it into the tournament? Try an NCAA-styled graphic showing that while the president had completed his brackets ahead of the tournament every year in office, he’d blown through the deadline for submitting a budget in four of those five.

A stretch?

Sure. And so finally, as his guest, Guy Benson, the political editor of, was offering a light-hearted defense of the president, Cavuto cut him off and conceded, “I don’t understand this bracket thing.”

But at least he knows now why everybody on his staff has been running around the studio this week waving sheets of paper, and why getting lunch ordered in could be a problem for the next two.

“At first,” Cavuto conceded a moment later, “I thought it was for takeout orders!”

We report, you decide.



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