- The Washington Times - Friday, March 22, 2013


Democracy is founded on the will of the people, but it is fragile and depends upon elected officials to represent fairly the will of constituents and to govern competently in accordance with that will. The people have rights and expectations for good governance that they expect to be honored. The people have generally trusted political parties to nominate qualified candidates.

Terry McAuliffe, running for Virginia governor, is the latest example of how that trust has been violated (“Poll shows Cuccinelli, McAuliffe tied in Virginia,” Web, Feb. 20). On multiple occasions, Mr. McAuliffe has admitted he does not know or will not discuss the issues and that he has little understanding of the role of the governor’s Cabinet. This ignorance includes the critical functions of the governor’s office in regional and national security. Mr. McAuliffe has been unable or unwilling to rise to the demands of the office and should be embarrassed. Virginians deserve better and should absolutely reject him.


Oak Hill, Va.



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