- The Washington Times - Friday, March 22, 2013


Senate Democrats had four years to consider spending and taxing policies that would help our bad economy. Apparently, they ignored their lawful responsibility since 2009 only so that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid could avoid exposing that his party has no ideas to avoid our nation going bankrupt. 

These are the 10 worst things about the Senate Democrats’ budget that is being voted on Friday. I compiled this list from analyses from the Senate Budget Committee minority, House Budget Committee, the American Action Forum and the Tax Foundation and also from reading the budget legislation text and summary tables. 

1.) The budget never balances. Ever. (The House GOP budget, which passed Thursday, balances in 10 years.)

2.) National debt increases 45 percent to $24 trillion in 10 years. 

3.) Taxes go up by $1.5 trillion.

4.) Federal budget deficit will be $565 billion in 2023. (There will be a $7 billion surplus that year under the House budget.)

5.) Spending goes up $646 billion over the next decade — that is a 62 percent increase.

6.) Economy will shrink by .8 percent. (Gross domestic product would go up 6.29 percent under the House plan.)

7.) 850,000 jobs will be lost over the next decade.

8.) Household income will go down by $1,132. (It increases $5,141 under the House budget.

9.) Defense is cut by an additional $240 billion.

10.) Entitlement spending — the driver of our debt — is untouched. Medicare goes bankrupt.




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