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Many people want to know if Zoe is housebroken. The horse has defecated just twice inside the school, including once “on cue” at a staff meeting after Hornbuckle said accidents were likely to happen.

Zaiden’s teacher, Cynthia Temple, said people in the school district have offered her sympathy for having to tolerate a horse in her classroom. She said it was an easy call because it makes Zaiden’s life better.

“My goal as a teacher for all the kids is independence, regardless of their needs,” Temple said. “For Zaiden, an independent thing was putting on his coat, which was big feat, and using the zipper. Now Zoe is part of how Zaiden is going to function, walking and getting up from his chair, those little things that I can already see.”

The law gives Zaiden the right to walk with his horse into restaurants and stores, but Zacharias has been cautious about public appearances.

“I want it to be appreciated, not just allowed,” she said. “I feel a heavy responsibility in being an advocate not just for my son’s condition but also for miniature horses and for service animals.”

She’s keeping a record of her family’s experience, perhaps as a guide for others in her family’s situation.

“It would be neat to look back and have some legacy to leave when Zaiden is gone,” she said. “To have something and say, yes, this happened and it was really difficult, but look at what we were able to create out of it, and none of that would have happened if it weren’t for this situation.”