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The National Restaurant Association predicts 33 million Americans will go out to eat for Easter, with 51 percent of those diners looking for a buffet meal. Four in 10 say they must have ham, while 27 percent will be looking for eggs as part of their meal.

In Cleveland Park, Dino is preparing a family-focused environment for Easter weekend. The Italian restaurant says reservations are up 20 to 30 percent from last year, and it expects to be twice as busy as it would be on a regular Sunday.

“We try to make Dino not very restaurantlike, but more like you’re a guest coming into our home,” said Dean Gold, owner and chef at Dino. “On Easter Sunday, we’ll have kids everywhere, we just love it, it’s part of what we do.”

Meanwhile, food market Society Fair in Alexandria is preparing “Easter Breakfast Bags” that people can take home and cook themselves.

And to perhaps compete with Peeps, their chefs are making marshmallows shaped like Easter eggs and rolled in sugar.

“As in any holiday, we’ve gotten some Easter rush,” said Vina Sananikone of Society Fair. “There’s definitely a pick-up in business.”