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Why compare his rehabilitation to Peterson’s near-ideal recovery when significant differences exist in the type of injury, history and circumstances?

The legend around the quarterback has already been ballooned to near-impossible levels thanks, in large part, to his on-field brilliance (with a healthy assist to well-picked endorsements), and his recovery, his future, really, shouldn’t be subjected to the same burden.

Last month, Griffin backed off his most recent Adidas advertisement that proclaimed “all in for Week 1.” That won’t be true, he tweeted, until the knee is completely healed.

Caution, not hype, should rule the return, the sort of thing Shanahan preaches each time Griffin’s knee comes up. The same conservative approach that didn’t appear during the game in January. What’s to lose in patience? Keep the ultracompetitive quarterback from feeling as if he must take the first snap of Week 1, as if his recovery somehow needs to set the same sort of records his rookie season did.

The rehabilitation is scampering along with the haste of his 76-yard touchdown run against the Minnesota Vikings. That’s hardly surprising for an athlete gifted with Griffin’s physical tools and maturity. Isn’t that enough without turning him into a comic book character?

Leave the hyperbole, instead, to Griffin’s NCAA tournament bracket. Seven of his Elite Eight picks remain alive, including all of his Final Four predictions, in this upset-plagued tournament.

That’s, well, superhuman.