- The Washington Times - Monday, March 25, 2013

An experienced high school math teacher in Oregon is about to be fired for keeping Planned Parenthood teachings out of his classroom.

Bill Diss has taught for 11 years at Benson High School but has been placed on administrative leave over his views on abortion, The Oregonian reports. The school is in process of firing him, he said, as reported by The Oregonian.

The dispute stems from his public denouncement of an optional teen pregnancy program that’s offered in the schools. Called the Teen Outreach Program, the initiative is linked to Planned Parenthood, The Oregonian reports. Mr. Diss has tried on at least one prior occasion to stop program presenters from speaking in his classroom; he says the school has suspended him twice already for his opposition to the program.

“It’s much more important for them to have Planned Parenthood in the schools than to have a really dedicated teacher who really teaches math well and goes the extra mile and does a whole bunch with the kids,” he said, The Oregonian quotes.

A letter from the school says administrators suspended him for “unprofessional, intimidating and/or harassing behavior,” The Oregonian reports.

Mr. Diss says he has an attorney and plans to file a complaint with his union.



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