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Eight Republicans have already signed on to hammer out some legislation: Reps. Jeff Duncan and Mick Mulvaney of South Carolina, Jim Jordan of Ohio, Doug Lamborn of Colorado, Tom McClintock of California, Mike Pompeo of Kansas, Tom Price of Georgia, and Reid J. Ribble of Wisconsin.

“We aren’t the 53 percent, or the 99 percent or the 47 percent. We are all Americans, and we should be competing on a transparent and equal playing field,” proclaims Matt Kibbe, president of the group. “It shouldn’t matter who recruits the best-connected lobbyists in Washington. Corporations should play by the rules of the free market like everybody else, rather than trying to rewrite them.”


The tenacious producers of “Atlas Shrugged: Part I” and “AS: Part II” are going for the third and final installment in their project, based on the blockbuster novel by Ayn Rand. “Atlas Shrugged: Part III” will be released just prior to the 2014 midterm elections, geared to fiscal conservatives, libertarians and anyone else alarmed by the intrusion of government regulation and high taxes on the U.S. economy.”The message of ‘Atlas Shrugged’ is far greater than any particular political movement and our intention is to convey that message as clearly as possible,” producer Harmon Kaslow tells The Hollywood Reporter.”We are ultimately confident that we’re going to have absolutely no direct impact on the looters already entrenched in Washington. We are, however, equally as confident that if we let ‘Atlas’ speak for itself, we can have an impact on the voters that put them there.”


47 percent of Americans say gun control laws should be “more strict”; 29 percent of Republicans, 66 percent of Democrats, 43 percent of independents and 28 percent of gun owners agree.39 percent overall say the laws should be “kept as they are”; 52 percent of Republicans, 30 percent of Democrats, 39 percent of independents and 50 percent of gun owners agree.11 percent overall say the gun laws should be “less strict”; 16 percent of Republicans, 2 percent of Democrats, 15 percent of independents and 19 percent of gun owners agree.

Source: A CBS News poll of 1,181 U.S. adults conducted March 20 to 24.

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