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Creek appreciates each opportunity on the court. He understands, better than most, how quickly they can disappear. Stay humble, he tells himself. Stay hungry. Work.

And you won’t hear him complain. Not about the detoured career or disappointment or pain.

“Man,” freshman Yogi Ferrell said, “he’s probably the most positive guy I’ve seen.”

Creek glanced around the blue-carpeted locker room Georgetown uses during the season. He’s home.

“I kind of forgot what this feels like,” Creek said.

Sorting through tickets for family he doesn’t see much. Remembering the Metro route he took home after catching Georgetown games: hop on the Green Line until Branch Avenue. That’s the end of the line.

But his career rolls along. Love is the word he uses. Love that wouldn’t let him give up this game. Relentless, impatient love that pushed him back to the court each time a broken body pulled him away. Love that overcame. And, now, love that has him playing for the “big prize.” Creek’s words.

“I always want to go do what I love,” he said.

The cameras pointed the other direction. They didn’t move. Creek didn’t, either.