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Harry Potter-esque invisibility cloak moves closer to reality

- The Washington Times - Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How very Harry Potter. Researchers say they've taken a step closer toward the invention of a full-body invisibility device that would allow the wearer to move about absent detection, much like the teen wizard did when he donned his magical cloak in the film.

Physicists with the University of Texas at Austin say they can now make objects disappear from view by enclosing them within a "mantle cloak," the New Journal of Physics reports. That cloak, which is made of a thin material, makes the objects invisible — but only within a short range of light waves, the scientists say, in CNN.

It's hardly as advanced as Harry Potter's. But it has a lot of potential to become that advanced, the scientists say, in CNN.

Extreme Tech says scientists are calling their invention a "metascreen." It's made out of a thin sheet of copper that is then affixed to a flexible piece of polycarbonate. That material is then attached tightly to the object. Light from the cloak cancels out light from the object. Sending out microwaves then makes the object invisible, Extreme Tech says.

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