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Even though the Merle Dixon character only appears on the show, I’ll demand once more (before reporting you to the Governor) that anyone who watches the AMC series, go out and buy Image Comics’ massive omnibus editions (measuring almost 13 inches by 9 inches) starting with “The Walking Dead: Volume 1 Deluxe Hardcover” (averaging $95). It collects the first 24 issues in black-and-white splendor with more where that came from.

What’s it worth: McFarlane Toys latest homage to The Walking Dead are more than simply action figures, they are poseable, pop-culture moments in time.

Add Merle Dixon and Michonne to Deputy Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon and Shane Walsh to now assemble a force to confront a host of macabre menaces such as Bicycle Girl Zombie, Zombie Walker and RV Zombie. The group begs for a collector to build an encased diorama to show off in an entertainment room. When does the Governor arrive, Mr. McFarlane?