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He got just one at-bat against St. Louis in the playoffs. With it, he delivered a two-run single that won the game.

“I think I did OK,” Moore said of his rookie year. “There’s definitely room for improvement is what I’m saying.”

A first baseman by trade, Moore also proved competent in the outfield. He no longer identifies himself as one or the other.

“I’m both,” he said.

And if he stays both for the Nationals for a while, he’s fine with that.

Eventually, there may be a bigger role for Moore. General manager Mike Rizzo said he sees Moore “the same way as I’ve always seen him. He’s an everyday, middle-of-the-lineup guy on a lot of teams and he’s going to have a fine career.”

What Moore won’t worry about is where. He’d like it to be in Washington. It may not be.

“I’m really just trying to control what I can control,” he said. “I know they’re going to make the right decisions for this team and that’s all that really matters.”